How to use CTCSS with the SR-955HPC

Using the SR-955HPC with the CTCSS Module

When you using the CTCSS board along with repeater offsets, the radio should be in VFO mode.

Slide your switch so PRG is selected.

The first option you will see is 1. RCODE


Next press the FUNC button, now turn the channel selector and you will
have two choices, CTCSS or DCSN. If you want to
select CTCSS, turn the selector so the meter shows
CTCSS and then press the FUNC button.


You will then be able to select a tone, rotate the
channel selector until you see the one you need.
Now press the FUNC button to select it


The same process applies to 2. TCODE as well.


After setting the desired tones, turn the channel
selector to 5.TSQ, press the FUNC button and rotate
the channel selector so the meter displays TSQ ON
and press the FUNC button.



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