SR-655HPC Setup Guide



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  1. Mode Switch Set to AM
  2. Receiver Squelch Start with it all the way to the left
  3. Receiver Volume Set to a comfortable level
  4. RF Gain Set all the way to the right
  5. Microphone Gain Set all the way to the right
  6. Echo Delay With the MON (talkback) turned on, set to the desired level
  7. Echo Volume With the MON (talkback) turned on, set to the desired level
  8. Coarse Clarifier Set at FR + 0K
  9. Vox Control Set all the way to the left (off)
  10. RF Power Output Control Set 12 O’clock
  11. Monitor (Talkback) Set to a comfortable level
  12. Band Selector Set to D
  13. Dimmer Switch / Hi-Cut Filter Set to middle position
  14. Noise Blanker / ANL Set to ANL
  15. Roger Beep Switch / PRG Set to middle position
  16. +10 KHz / VFO Switch Set to middle position 


If you accidentally change a setting in the function menu, perform a reset and they will automatically be set to the default position. 

  1. With the radio turned off, press and hold the FUNC, COLOR & SCAN buttons.
  2. While still pressing and holding them, power the radio on. The radio will display “REST ALL”,
  3. Now release the buttons and wait for the radio to display “REST END”.
  4. Then turn the radio off and then back on, it’s now been restored to the factory software settings.
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