SR-447HPC / SR-497HPC Setup Guide



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1 LED Channel Display

2 Channel Selector

3 Dimmer Switch

4 Noise Blanker & ANL Set to NB+

5 Roger Beep Set to the off position

6 AM/FM & PA (Mode)

7 Band Selector set Band D

8 RF Power Output Control Turn to 12 O'clock

9 Monitor (Talkback) set at 11 O’clock

10 Signal Strength Meter

11 +10Khz Button This should be off

12 Echo Volume Front Knob Set 9 O’clock

13 Echo Delay Back Knob Set 12 O’clock

14 Mike Gain (Mod) Turn all the way to the right

15 RF Gain Turn all the way to the right

16 On/Off Volume Control

17 Squelch Control Start with it all the way to the left 

18 Microphone Connector

19 AWI Flasher






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