I have a problem with my radio the awi light keeps flashing and i have no output or receive my swr is 1.2

What's the serial number on your radio? If you have the older 447, no drive to the finals will cause the AWI light to flash. This could be caused by your finals being bad, or the VCO being unlocked. If it's an older radio I'd recommend that you get in touch with our out of warranty repair centers and they will be able to get it up and running for a reasonable price. 

For out of warranty repairs, you can contact Greg @ Wakulla Electronics. He is familiar with the radios and very knowledgeable. Below is his contact information.

Wakulla Electronics
2219 Crawfordville Hwy
Crawfordville, Florida
(850) 366-8415

If you need any other assistance, please let me know!

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