What makes your SR-A10 Magnetic Mount better than other brands?

What makes our magnetic mount differently than the competition is we focused on making our antenna waterproof, improving efficiency and we use a stronger magnet that similar antennas. We spend a lot of time with the waterproofing, but we have come up with a process that does keep all moisture out. I think people would be surprised to see what their antennas get it them, ours is clear, so you can see that there is no water or corrosion. 

The performance factor involved making the coil efficiency higher, so less power is wasted in heat. We also shunted away a considerable amount of noise, that catches many people off guard. 

As far as the magnet, we used one that while it's the same physical size as others, the holder power of the magnet is significantly stronger.

I think you will be very pleased with the SR-A10 Magnetic Mount

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